The context and the objectives:
Ageing dynamics all over Europe may worsen this situation. Education for
Sustainable Development can play a very effective role in the processes
of recovery and resilience in aging individuals and communities in the
face of current challenges, helping mitigate the impacts of increasing
divides, counterbalancing the depression in the spirit of initiative,
entrepreneurial mindset, the push towards personal and professional
evolution to address the need of intervening upstream in the adult
education process, encouraging low-skilled or
low-qualified adults towards higher qualifications
The project participants will physically meet along the transformative
learning path in 3 stages “let’s create the climate for…change”:
to identify the good practices, whose teaching and methodological
approaches targets transformative learning activated through the
scientific and cultural matrix connected to decades-long investigation,
mitigation and adaptation initiatives to climate change and
environmental sustainability, in connection to the Partner Organizations
contexts of overall situation as regards adult education
dynamics and needs
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The project TERRA
Transformative Learning through the Prism of Environematal Sustainability
aims to the exchange of good practices, in adult education, as regards
the transformative learning activated through the scientific/cultural
matrix connected to the initiatives to tackle the changing climate as
well as to foster environmental sustainability, to highlight the value of
cultural heritage, its contribution towards a higher the quality of life and
incentive for sustainable social and economic development
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TERRA Transformative learning through the prism of environmental sustainability

Project number: 2019-1-IT02-KA204-062303