let’s create the climate for…change
learning path in 3 stages

A unique blend of findings and knowledge from different scientific fields
related to climate changes along with the preservation and valorization
of cultural heritage, will be offered in such a way to be accessible to
everyone. Each partner Organization will then adapt contents and
methods to local and/or national contexts, with the aim of sensitizing and
encouraging participation in subsequent stages, as well as to the benefit
of their operations and impacts on target groups
The project targets trainers, educators,
managers, staff in the area of adult
education. They will be introduced to the
projects contents and practices to let
them empower their skills and
competences and allow them to raise
their readiness to implement innovative
educational methods,  based on 
environmental sustainability
TERRA Transformative learning through the prism of environmental sustainability

email: tenforsustainability@gmail.com
Copyright Terra Project 2020
18 - 19 January 2021, held VIRTUALLY, originally planned in Brussels, Belgium
Second transnational meeting & Stage 2 of the Transformative
learning path “let’s create the climate for…change”

The project's meeting had the goal to present and debate
and exchange the identified good practices based on the
preservation of cultural heritage as enhancement of
environmental, social, cultural, economic sustainability,
based on the following topics...